A small food survey – Results

Late last year, we conducted a small (non-representative) food survey: Which food is most (un-)popular, are there different “food types”, or do food preferences correlate with traveling activities?

The results

Now, we present our findings. Most of the 60 participants in total were between 20 – 40 years old. A strikingly high fraction of more than 15 % indicated a vegan nutrition. The ratio between female and male participants was even. On average, the participants liked around 60 % of the prompted food items. (The links below are in German only, but the graphics speak for themselves!)

Wholemeal buns, oranges and chocolate were the most popular food items. Around 17 % had never eaten algae. For some of the prompted food items, positive preference changed to aversion. Noticeably, this change of mind was mainly indicated for vegetables, with olives leading the way. Overall, vegan participants were more open to the prompted food items than others.

Finally, there were certain connections between food preference and personal attributes, like favorite colors or visited continents. On the one hand, for example, ginger was particularly popular among people who have been to Northern America. On the other hand, non-wholemeal buns were unpopular among people travelling South America. For more results and infos, please click one of the adjacent links.

See you soon and best!