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The R Sell Side: Interpreter

by Karl-Kuno Kunze

The novice in the R ecosystem may face quite a challenge to find her way through the jungle of R providers as well as licensing and pricing models. In addition, it helps to understand the different components that make a productive R environment.

In the following I give my view of the present situation. However, the R ecosystem is rather dynamic. So, should I have left something out, don’t hesitate to write a comment.

What is R?

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Preparing Data with Package stringr

by Karl-Kuno Kunze

In the beginning of most data science projetcs, data must be prepared for the task at hand. Very often only parts of entries in columns are necessary or entries must be re-formatted, especially for date and time entries. For this task you need good tools to manipulate text.

Even in the base version R comes packed with many functions for that purpose. However, these are partly inconsistent as syntax is concerned or run somewhat behind the abilities of languages like Python – or require quite some complex code. Package stingr by Hadley Wickham comes in quite handy to fill the gap.

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First Aid for Closures

by Karl-Kuno Kunze

My Article about Closures is by far the most frequently viewed article in the blog. The reason for this is probably the somewhat cryptic error message  object of type 'closure' is not subsettable, which R sends to you sometimes. Here is a three step first-aid plan.

Immediate help

If you want to continue your work with the least detour possible:

Replace the word closure with the word function in the error message.

Good luck with your debugging efforts and see you soon!

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